Patient Testimonials

"My decision to choose Dr. Komotar was one of the best decisions I have every made. Dr. Komotar and his entire staff were excellent during the entire process. They made the pre-op and post-op very easy and comforting. I was very impressed with the technology they used to preform this complicated surgery. They are using the most advanced equipment in the market and continue to strive to use the best and latest tools available. Dr. K was highly recommended to me by a family friend that also had to have surgery. She was also very pleased with how her operation turned out and said she would recommend him to everyone. Dr. K is the most responsive doctor I have every dealt with. I could send him a text or email and he would respond immediately once he received the inquiry. He never hesitated to take care of all my needs and answer any question I had. Thanks again Dr. Komotar! Please continue your great work. God Bless You and your staff" 

- Richard F. Haisley II, Patient
"A couple phone calls, a couple emails, and without hesitation Dr. Komotar had our father scheduled surgery first thing on his hectic Monday morning. It's unheard of to have a Doctor as reachable and approachable as Dr. Komotar. He understands the power of efficient communication. Dr. Komotar radiates confidence and it never failed us - rather his confidence lifted our thoughts of despair to images of hope. Our father had brain surgery on Monday and went home completely normal and tumor free the next day. "Miracle Worker" is not adequate enough to describe what Dr. Komotar and his team have done for our family. The combination of being a highly skilled neurosurgeon at the top of his profession and exhibiting such natural social etiquette is something you just don't see enough of today. Dr. Komotar is truly a rare gem, a rare gift in our world that we should all foster, seek out, and be very thankful for." 

-The Tuck Family – Boca Raton, FL / New York, NY
"Dr. Komotar is the most knowledgeable, kind and compassionate man. He is honest and patient and most importantly, on top of his research and treatment. He and his team offer the most cutting edge options, and we could not be more grateful to have him taking care of Jamie. We are certain Jamie would not have had the same outcome and been able to continue this fight as he does, every day, were he not under Dr. K's care. We thank you." 

-The Cayuso Family
"I, my husband, my family, my Canadian GP, my friends who are doctors in Canada all consider Dr. Komotar an extraordinary neurosurgeon and human being. This review is limited to 500 characters. I have written 10 times this in other places describing what he did to save my life (removed a baseball sized brain tumor) and help me recover. My advice if you need a neurosurgeon - go directly to Dr. Komotar ASAP. You want absolutely the best care in the world for your brain and he provides that." 

-Ida Chen - patient
"Dr. Komotar is, of course, a highly skilled and incredibly talented surgeon. What clearly separates him from the many other neurosurgeons we interviewed is his obvious passion for his work and his patients. Rather than divorcing himself from the case after completing the surgery, he right is by your side throughout your treatment. He is responsive, dedicated, clear, and honest. He simply inspires your confidence, and it’s never misplaced." 

-Allison Lane, patient’s family member
"Dr. Komotar and his team are heaven sent. Dr. Komotar's knowledge, compassion, dedication and bedside manner go over and beyond the call of duty. Years later, he is still just a phone call away. I am living proof that Komotar is the best choice." 

- Virginia Baez D'Attilo - Patient
"To say the least, Dr. Komotar and his staff have been the best experience I have ever encountered. They are at the top of their game in professionalism and courtesy. I could not have been recommended to go to a better hospital. Thanks again for your wisdom and professionalism on my issue, as Dr. Komotar is the best doctor I have ever experienced." 

- Ronald Guillen, Patient
"I was diagnosed with a meningioma 5 weeks ago. Dr. Komotar operated on me 3 weeks ago and removed the tumor. As soon as I met Dr. Komotar, I instinctively knew he was the best candidate to perform my surgery. He is brilliant but also compassionate; a winning combination. I was very impressed by the fact that he was generous with his time, explaining the procedure in order to afford the patient all the information pertinent to the surgery. He gave my family and myself peace of mind. Before my surgery, I was already blind out of my right eye due to compression from the tumor; only three weeks later I can now see out of this eye for the first time in a long time. I’d like to add that his staff is amazing, always making sure that the patient is comfortable and healing well. Thanks to Dr. Komotar, my quality of life has improved significantly." 

- Ana Maria Soto - Patient